Business in Real-Time – The Undocumented API

Business in Real-Time

Business in Real-Time Using Azure IoT and Cortana Intelligence Suite

by Bob Familiar and Jeff Barnes

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Every business today is going through a digital transformation due to disruptive forces in the market, from born-in-the-cloud competitors to the increasing demands of customers, partners and employees to engage through modern digital experiences. They are evolving from relying only on historical data to learning to use both historical and real-time data to drive innovation, evolve business strategy and automate critical business processes.

As businesses evolve and transform to take advantage of real-time data, they will drive impact through operational efficiencies as well as create new revenue opportunities. For example, a product manufacturer can gather information about how their products in remote locations are performing and automate the scheduling of field service engineers only as needed. Retail outlets can provide real-time inventory to drive an Omni-channel shopping experience for their customers.  Companies that have a need to increase worker safety can track both environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and wind speed along with employee biometrics such as heartrate, body temperature and breathing rate to be able to determine if an employee’s physical condition would create a worker safety issue.

In each of these scenarios, companies are finding that to stay competitive, improve operational efficiencies and engage their customers more deeply, they must learn to leverage modern software development patterns and practices. They are transforming to become Software-as-a-Service providers skilled in the dark arts of data science and Internet of Things(IoT). They are learning to create applications that connect people, places and things. They are providing real-time data visualization, alerts and notifications. They are integrating these connected products with existing line of business systems and providing seamless authentication for customers, partners and employees through immersive, beautiful experiences that work on any device and are available 24/7. They are transforming to become a Real-Time Business.

About this book

This book outlines a vision for how today’s businesses can transform themselves by leveraging real-time data and advanced machine learning analytics, evolving from reactive to proactive customer care using remote monitoring, real-time inventory, location awareness, predictive maintenance and rich data visualizations.

Business in Real-Time Using Azure IoT and Cortana Analytics provides prescriptive guidance for architects and developers on the design and development of modern Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Analytics solutions. In addition, this book offers patterns and practices for those looking to engage their customers and partners through Software-as-a-Service solutions that work on any device.

Whether you are working in Health & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Smart Cities and Buildings or Process Control, there exists a common platform from which you can create your targeted vertical solutions. Using a reference architecture as a road map and building on Azure’s PaaS services, a solution architecture unfolds that demonstrates a complete end-to-end IoT and Advanced Analytics scenario.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to design and develop IoT and Advanced Analytics solutions at scale using Azure’s Platform as a Service capabilities and a Microservice Architecture
  • How to automate your software product life cycle using PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager Templates, and Visual Studio Team Services
  • How to implement smart devices using Node.JS and C# and use Azure IoT Hub to securely connect devices, ingest telemetry and provide a complete Device Management lifecycle using Device Twins, Direct Methods and Command and Control messaging
  • How to use Azure Streaming Analytics to ingest millions of events and provide both “Hot”, “Warm, and “Cold” path outputs for real-time alerts, data transformations, and aggregation analytics
  • How to implement batch processing using Azure Data Factory and use Azure Data Lake to provide big data storage to support advanced analysis services
  • How to leverage Machine Learning and Revolution R to predict what’s going to happen next creating a new form of AI – “Actionable Intelligence” to help shape positive outcomes for the business and drive mission critical business processes
  • How to provide rich Data Visualizations across a wide variety of mobile and web devices with Power BI connecting “Actionable Intelligence” with push communications to mobile users for powerful alerting and notification capabilities
  • How to design a secure end-to-end solution and support multi-tenant access to your big data repository using Azure AD

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