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Northeast APIMASH Tour

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Get ready to learn and code, because the Northeast MSDN Roadshow team is loading up content, code, and demos that might even work, to return to the roads for a special limited engagement in June!

These are free workshops, great for students, hobbyists, and professional developers who want to learn the basics of Windows 8 app development and publish their first app to the Windows Store.  Fans of previous daytime Roadshows will notice that we have sneakily adapted these as evening, hands-on events, hosted by local user groups.

Enter the API…

There’s a world of amazing things out there, just an API call away. These workshops will show you how to tap into a sampling of the tens of thousands of them, mercilessly mashing APIs to create your own Windows Store app. Your app could inform, entertain, or even change the world!

We’ll be conquering the miles, fueled by coffee and visions of your awesome apps, to help you learn to create Windows 8 apps using well-known web service APIs such as Twitter, Meetup, Yelp, Edmunds, Tom-Tom, Tumblr, and others.

APIMASH is the name is a project currently undertaken by Technical Evangelists here at Microsoft to provide a portfolio of starter kits that leverage well known API’s such as TwitterEdmunds, Tumblr and many others in order to inspire you, yes you, to create compelling Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. Download the APIMASH Starter Kits today and get started.

These workshops  will be hands-on – so bring those laptops (see below)  as we will be using the APIMASH API Starter Kits our team developed to get you mashing quickly.  The Starter Kits are Visual Studio 2012 projects, each already wired to one or more APIs.  They take care of the API plumbing so you can focus on providing the creativity!

The Schedule

Thanks to these amazing user groups hosting our visits, we’ll be stopping in these cities:

To register, see the hosting user groups’ website for details and RSVPs (if any).

Note that these are in addition to the Saturday workshops on API and game development we’re running in the Hartford and Boston areas:

Just click the links to register via MSDN Events.

Getting Ready

As these workshops are hands-on, to get the most out of the event, bring a laptop configured with the following:

Apps you develop could qualify you for $100 via the “Keep the Cash” program (running through June 30th).  Also, for continued learning and access to other developer programs, we highly recommend signing up for the free App Builder program.

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